“The Bureau of Labor Statistics

projects Medical Assistant

employment growth of 30.9%

between 2010 and 2020″

-U.S. News

The School of Allied Health at Hallmark College is dedicated to providing quality programs leading to opportunities in professional health careers. The School of Allied Health is offering a comprehensive curriculum that provides necessary knowledge and skills with opportunities for cross training. Through hands-on and classroom training, students will learn the proper tools and techniques required to become successful healthcare professionals. Clinical skills, critical thinking, assessment, creativity, and professionalism are emphasized. The school is committed to its students and the community by offering programs, which enrich, encourage growth, lead to career success and promote life-long learning.

  • Associate of Applied Science, Medical Assistant


    The Medical Assistant Associate of Applied Science Degree is a competency-based medical assistant training program designed to give you the knowledge and skills required for entry-level employment in allied healthcare industry, corporate business, or government environments. It is a 14 month program for those seeking entry-level employment or for those currently employed in the healthcare environment who are seeking a promotion.

    Hallmark College’s Medical Assistant curriculum includes everything necessary to become a successful medical assistant:

    • General education courses
    • Applied general education courses in computer technology
    • Occupational training courses in clinical procedures
    • Occupational training courses in laboratory procedures
    • Occupational training courses in medical office procedures

    The student will also demonstrate:

    • Proper venipuncture technique
    • Proper skin puncture technique
    • Compliance with universal precautions
    • Compliance with OSHA guidelines
    • Properly perform hematocrit and glucose with a blood glucose meter
    • Properly label and handle all biological specimens
    • Perform 12-lead electrocardiography

    The distinguishing feature of this curriculum is that it also incorporates the administrative medical skills necessary for skilled medical office workers:

    • Create, interpret and manage records
    • Identify medical and pharmacological terms
    • Identify health systems to include accreditation and regulations
    • Compute and analyze healthcare data
    • Identify and use appropriate procedure codes
    • Use appropriate payment and reimbursement methods

    Our programs use industry-specific equipment and software including over 700 hours of:

    • Medical instruction
    • Clinical training
    • Computer instruction involving medical office management
    • Electronic medical record system software training

    Our laboratory environment reinforces course lectures. The Associate of Applied Science Degree Medical Assistant program consists of 72 semester hours, 1504 contact hours, and is 56 weeks (day) and 72 weeks (evening) in length.

  • Bachelor of Science in Business Management: Healthcare Management


    The Bachelor of Science in Business Management with a concentration in Healthcare Management degree prepares students for management positions in a variety of health care environments, including but not limited to, hospitals, ambulatory care, long term care, health promotion/wellness, or community care organizations. The program is based upon curriculum content recommended by the Accrediting Commission on Education for Health Services Administration. The intent of the program is to expand upon existing skills and to give the student a strong liberal arts and professional health and business background. Students majoring in the Bachelor of Science in Business Management with a concentration in Healthcare Management will complete the general education requirements, core requirements, and the healthcare management concentration courses.

    Healthcare Management Concentration Curriculum